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Mar. 31st, 2015


Turn Around

So it's been a while since I last updated. No surprise there. I've been working 6 days a week since the last week of February. I don't think I've been this tired since my first two weeks of overtime. Why the first two weeks and not just one? They had me off on the opposite ends of the weeks, so I worked 12 days straight. Not fun.

So why the mood "twitterpated"--and what is that exactly?--instead of, say, exhausted?

Easy one word answer: Sean.

I have met the most amazing guy. He's sweet, kind, and always there with a kind word and encouragement. He picks me up from work, and takes me there. He's had such shit luck with gf's, he's surprised when I reciprocate his kind actions; putting gas in his car, leaving him snacks, making him food...

We also have the same birthday :3

Twitterpated because, like in Disney's Bambi, our relationship and how we act with each other can be described like that :D

We're talking about moving in together at the end of his lease in November. I don't think I've ever been so happy as he makes me. It just feels right. I'm going back to NY this summer to visit family, and he wants to come with. I can't wait to show him around my tiny town where I grew up.

Dec. 7th, 2014

dappled sunshine

Recent Past and Near Future

So I need to have surgery by the end of December.Collapse )

In other news, I'm settling nicely into my apartment.Collapse )

I want to learn new languages. I've downloaded some primer apps on my phone for Russian, and I'm looking into Finnish and Lithuanian. I'd like to learn some languages that my great-grandparents spoke.

And Spanish....because I took it in highschool and it's useful.

Štai ir viskas!

Jul. 22nd, 2014



I'm so excited.

In a week I'm moving to my own place--with a roommate--but my own place nonetheless.

It's exhilarating and terrifying at the same time since I haven't really been "by myself" in years. Growing up I shared a room with my siblings, then I was in a dorm situation in college for a quarter. Then I had my own room for something like 3 years, but then got a boyfriend and shared a room with him for 4 years.

Now that I'm "separated"--single, broken up--I'm back on my own again.

It's weird.

The friends that I'm staying with are going back to California at the end of the month. I've known them for 2-2.5 years. That's going to be weird not having her and her boyfriend around anymore. They've been a great help to me during my stint of homelessness.

In other news, I'm so blah, tired and in pain. The blah and tired probably go hand in hand as "yesterday" I was up from 3pm Sunday to 3pm Monday; I then slept a few hours before coming to work tonight (Monday). I'm about 8 hours off of everyone else due to my wonderful overnight job that straddles two days.

I could probably write a whole post unto itself about my pain. Between monthly Lycanthropy, the occasional twinge in my elbow from tendinitis, headaches from medication, and my ankle, my life on average is just epic suckage. What really sucks the most is that, due to union, job and insurance, union and job make it so that my job isn't guaranteed until one year; so September 16th.

WOO!!! Surgery on the 17th!

I wish.

I only have a limited number of Physical therapy visits per year, and getting the epic tendinitis in my elbow fixed from years of neglect really decimated that number. That and I was getting PT for my ankle at the beginning of the year. I want to get surgery in January, but my Specialist wants me going to PT daily for it after the procedure, and I want to go to Florida in the winter and take advantage of my perks of working at a hotel and utilizing the discount I get for staying in the brand.

Can't beat $115 dollars for four days in Florida can you?

So I'm in a bind and trying to figure out when to get my foot chopped up. Until then, I'll have to endure the pain.

Jul. 2nd, 2014

oh fuk

Long Time No See

Hello Y'all!

Wow has it been a long time! I was wondering about life the other day and keeping a journal and then I remembered about this place. It's only been, what, 3 years? That's not too long, yeah? I think I've updated some of my stories on ff.net sooner than this place *^^*

Anyway, my life has been rather tumultuous as of late.

I'll start from back around my last post and summarize until now:

I was battling Grave's Disease and recently got into a wonderful relationship after my previous one was shit. I found out that I was one of three women. Not. Fun.

I moved.

My boyfriend graduated with a certificate in computer forensics.

Our relationship was a bit rocky. BF was really anxious about graduating.

I moved again.

Ran Pittsburgh Marathon. Sprained my ankle and found out an old injury didn't heal right so a bone chip the size of a dime moved from being right next to the bone to sitting on my tendons and ligaments right behind my ankle. Went to ER, followed up with PCP. PCP referred me to Sports Medicine Doctor. Sports Doctor Rx'd physical therapy. Did PT for a while went back to Sports Dr. Was referred to a specialist.

Graduated school through a discrepancy (wooo~!)

I moved again.

Specialist Rx'd more PT.

Relationship getting rocky. My BF and I started arguing almost everyday. It didn't stop when I found out I was pregnant and got worse even; borderline abuse.

Got a new job that pays AWESOME~!!

Relationship getting worse. I terminated my pregnancy--which in turn made my relationship even worse.

Specialist said I need surgery on my ankle to remove the bone chip and fix any damage caused by the chip being on my ligament/tendon.

moved again.

moved again.

Boyfriend and I got in a physical altercation which ended with him telling me to pack my shit and leave.

I'm currently staying with friends.

Apr. 8th, 2011

sleeping, x_x

[C312] aka 3D Workshop

I have basically shot myself in my foot this quarter. I'm figuring either today we're making a schedule for Pre-Production Team, and if not we're making one on Wednesday when the class meets again.

C312 Friday AM
Mr. Zehner

Focus: Modeling (since I have no models)/Texturing, Compositing

Week 1: Class Intro. Finish Biped. Finish Female NPC.
Week 2: Get Thief, Male NPC, Police Officer modeled.
Week 3: (No Class) unwrap, rig, weight models, textured: Give to Tom
Week 4: Tweak models if Tom has suggestions. Finish Yinzerkorn Model if not.
Week 5: Finish Yinzerkorn model—start Unwrapping.
Week 6: Unwrap/Texture, Rig, Weight Yinzerkorn model
Week 7: Shoot/Edit Film/animate horse
Week 8: Render Passes/Composite
Week 9: Composite animation/Film
Week 10: Composite hybrid vehicle into picture if Yinzerkorn is done Wk9/assemble DVD
Week 11: Watch DVD

There is my schedule for the next 11 weeks. I'm going to be busy as fuck :C

This is only for one class out of three.... D:

By Life~!!!
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dappled sunshine

Writer's Block: It's cold outside

I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

I'd say damp cold around negative 10 not including wind chill or a dry cold that freezes snot in your nose and feels like daggers when you take a deep breath at night through your nose that makes you cough and choke when the dog decides he has to go out. That's usually in the mid negative 20's to lower 30's.

One of the most pleasant cold days that is my favourite, I was coming home from school, it was quite warm with a pleasant cold bite that warranted a light winter jacket, and the bank said -11F; blue sky, watery sun reflecting off the snow, NO WIND...oh it was perfect!

I'm currently in Pittsburgh, and when the Yinzers, Yous, and Burghers(these are the levels of the indigenous population pardoned off into categories based on fanaticism towards sports) complain about a measly mid teens to lower 20's with windchill...I laugh. Everyone wears winter jackets till the end of April: I haven't worn one since the end of January. It's going to be mid 70's on Sunday and I guarantee that there will be people wearing winter jackets....because it's "winter" and "cold".

*Is from central upstate NY*

Love that 3-4ft of snow. (All temps are in F not C)

Oct. 10th, 2010


Good day gone bad

So today was great. It was summer here in Pittsburgh despite the fact that it's October. Filled up the kiddie-pool and went swimming and sunned before I took Ianto to the park. I took my vitamins, I was feeling good, my sister called me.

Life was good.

Great even.

Then my dad calls.

He was apparently going over my crap grades for the past few years, and just wondering what was which and what classes I was taking now and if I've taken them before and so on. Totally ruined my mood.

Now all I want to do is cry.

Why can't they be all understanding and just say "Do better" or "try harder" and be all positive? They're so mean and Grrr when something goes wrong and I just don't know how to take it. I freak and get all anxious.

On a different note, a friend of mine whacked his head kayaking then had to be convinced to go to the ER.

Boys are stupid, silly creatures. Man-logic can only get you so far.

Oct. 2nd, 2010


dear lord

My grades came in while I was at Grama's and Granpa's. I was praying they wouldn't but they did. Dunno what I did to piss off higher authorities for that to happen. My dad fell asleep before he and my ma could ream me about them and went upstairs, so it was just my ma.

But I ended up telling her about Zane almost beating me twice and that I was sorry and please don't let dad yell at me. I don't think I've ever been so apologetic and terrified at once. I'm still scared that my dad is going to come home from soccer practice and yell at me.

Instead, I was told that, from what I told my mother, that I'm sporadically depressed, it runs in her side of the family, and I need to see the doctor. She said she was sorry about not talking to me; they never talk to at all in college, so this was all cleared up.

I'm glad I got it all off my chest, but I don't know what Ma told the Padre and that makes me nervous. I have half a mind to call my roommate and have her come get me today, but that's not fair to her.

I just don't want my dad to yell at me.

Jun. 28th, 2010

dappled sunshine

Writer's Block: Planet friendly

How concerned are you about global warming? Do you believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend?

I'm not overly concerned about global warming, because it won't severely impact me in my lifetime, but I'm aware of it. I don't believe it's possible to reverse the climate trend, but I do think it's possible to slow it down where it could be negligible. The Human race has sped up what is a natural warming cycle, as I understand it, to such a pace where species are finding it hard to adapt and are, therefor, dying off.
ya doont say

Love and Peace

I'm retardedly happy right now.

I just saw two of my good friends that I haven't seen in forever. havoc_sama I haven't seen since Christmas '08, and nil_chan I haven't seen since February last year. Havoc came in to work while I was working and we chatted for a bit before she headed off to Rochester, and I just got off the phone with Nil who I haven't really chatted with since, or seen, I visited her in South Korea last year.


I made plans to visit Havoc around July 7th, when I'm going to be up there visiting my old roomie Erica.

Bit tired, but that's par for the course--and probably half the reason I'm as retardedly happy as I am--of staying up till 1am, but I'm just so happy I don't really wanna go to bed. Nil and I were inseparable when we were growing up, and to finally have more than a txt or aim conversation was FANTASTIC!!!

I'm gonna go wallow in happiness now.

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